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We understand that every lawn and landscape in the Midlands is different — requiring professional lawn care and maintenance.

We love your lawn. We understand that environmental growing conditions associated with shade, sunlight, moisture, air circulation, and soil composition all have the ability to alter the requirements needed to maintain a healthy lawn. We proudly offer several fertilization and weed control programs to fit every budget and to enhance the overall appearance and health of your lawn. Every program that we offer also includes the organic bionutritional supplement Holganix. This bionutritional supplement adds natural microorganisms to your soil, increases the effectiveness of our balanced fertilizer, and allows us to reduce the total amount of fertilizers and chemicals needed to give you a beautiful lawn.

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 Lawn Care.

Offering commercial and residential programs with uniquely formulated probiotics and a myriad of other lawn care services that will keep your lawn looking its best all year long.

Organic lawn care Columbia SC

 Tree & Shrub Care.

Our experts know what agricultural diseases are common in our area and how to combat them with our specially formulated micronutrients, fungicides, and insecticides.

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  • Pre-Emergent Weed Control
  • Post-Emergent Weed Control
  • Fire Ant Control
  • Fungus Control
  • Grub Control
  • Mole Cricket Control

Turf Tech LAWN CARE Programs


Essentials is our most basic program, including five applications that will provide progressive weed control management as well the perfect balance of fertilizers and the organic bionutritional supplement Holganix. The Essentials is a value oriented program that is better suited for those lawns that are less likely to be subject to damaging environmental pressures such as fungus, disease, and insects.


Premium is a proactive approach that includes everything from the Essentials Program, along with the added security of two additional visits. This is the program for those lawns that may need a little extra TLC — rehabilitation or re-establishment — due to damage caused by environmental pressures; weeds, fungus, insects, and disease. We highly recommend the Premium Program for first year clients.


Our Prestige Program is our most comprehensive program. Consisting of seven visits, the Prestige includes progressive weed control management, balanced fertilizer, the organic bionutritional supplement Holganix, and all treatments necessary to control seasonal outbreaks of turf damaging insects and fungus. We recommend the Prestige to anyone dealing with recurring damage.

organic lawn services

Designed to promote the overall health and color of your landscape’s ornamental trees and shrubs, these foliar and deep root injection treatments are loaded with premium fertilizers, micronutrients, and the same organic bionutritional supplement — Holganix — included with all our lawn care programs. In addition, the Ornamental Program includes both the preventative and curative treatments needed to manage the diseases and insects that may affect your trees and shrubs.

Commercial Lawn Services Columbia SC

We understand the value in a good first impression for your business. Like any other lawn, the turf surrounding your business deserves attention and professional care. Our experienced lawn specialists can develop a commercial lawn care program to help your lawn look its best and give your clients that great first impression. We have a wide range of commercial clients — including banks, restaurants, office complexes, Homeowners Associations (HOA), and property management firms. All are welcome.

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Turf Tech’s Lawn Care Programs are backed by our guarantee of satisfaction. We love your lawn and we want to treat it right. That is why we offer FREE, unlimited service calls to address issues that arise between regularly scheduled applications to any client that elects to enjoy the benefits of one of our unique lawn care programs. If for any reason you are not satisfied with a Turf Tech application, contact us and we will take the necessary corrective actions to correct the problem at no additional charge.

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Our customers take comfort in the fact that Turf Tech Lawn Care treats every lawn as our own. But don't take it from us...

Lawncare Customer
I purchased a new home in 2010 that had been sitting unoccupied since it was built in 2007. Needless to say, the yard was over grown and needed immediate attention. Turf Tech was instrumental in the care of the landscaping.

Turf Tech is not your ordinary lawn care company, they actually fall in love with their lawns.

Turf Tech comes Highly Recommended!!!

Paul G.

Lawncare Customer
I heard about Turf Tech Lawn Care through a member at my church who had the very same problems that I have experienced for years. He suggested if I wanted the best looking lawn to call Turf Tech, a team with knowledge and passion for doing what was right.

So I called for an appointment. They were out the very next day and after listening to him talk about lawn care and my lawn, I realized I was talking to a TRUE Professional. He diagnosed what was wrong and then told me why my lawn wasn't performing. I have had a complete transformation in my lawn. Turf Tech explained to me that a lawn care company should not be on a reaction program but yet a proactive plan that eliminates problems before they arise.

John - Irmo

Lawncare Customer
I always take pride in the way my yard looks and work very hard to make it as beautiful as possible. The one thing I could never get right — like most consumers — is my lawn. I tried everything from Lowes, Home Depot, to True Green. The end result was always the same; I was not satisfied with the color and health of my grass. One day a new neighbor moved in and with in a month his grass was so green that I could not help myself but ask him how he did it. His answer was short and sweet, call Jonathan Randall with Turf Tech and he will do the rest.

Once I called Turf Tech they truly did have all the right answers. They listened patiently to my rant about all my failures and why I could not get my grass the right color. They came in and instantly realized that it needed to be thatched and put his special potion on the problem. Within two months my grass was by far the greenest in the neighborhood and probably in the county of Lexington. It was so green that I had other neighbors stop and kneel down to touch it to make sure it was not a plastic turf. I truly believe Turf Tech gave Augusta National a run for its money.

Thank you Turf Tech for making my grass and yard beautiful.

Brooklet Drive, Lexington SC

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